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I need to educate some development teams about "details on demand" - an interaction pattern where the user requests additional information about an object if necessary (as opposed to the system progressively disclosing it). The Wylie example isn't that compelling. Are the strong examples from the consumer web world that you would refer student to? Any favourites?

I am operating in an enterprise methodology space, so dashboards, table rows, procurement (ecommerce) examples would be perfect.

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Jenifer Tidwell gives you three examples in her first edition of "Designing Interfaces":… – Jørn E. Angeltveit Sep 1 '13 at 19:38

On Twitter you can "expand" a tweet to get more info:
enter image description here

In the StackExhange network you can see vote counts when you have > 1000 rep:
enter image description here

And you can get help to the comments fields:
enter image description here

And you can get additional information by hovering a user or a tag:
enter image description here

... just to mention a few web based solutions ;-)

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