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I'm working on a web application where users (of an organization) can edit email templates. For example, one template would be used to confirm an appointment (that a client has made with the organization).

The user should place tags (like {appointmentDate} and {appointmentTime}) in the template. When the message is sent, the tags are replaced by the actual content.

How can the editor be designed to be as simple as possible, even for non-technical users?

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Have you seen how automation recipes on can be created? They have exactly this kind of implementation and I think the design/interaction would work great for your case. – Erion Aug 29 '13 at 9:09
@Erion Thanks. I took a look at the email action (which send a message) and they have a pretty nice editor indeed. – Jonathan Aug 29 '13 at 9:55
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One of the solutions would be to style the tags as soon as they're typed.

This issue has some details on how to do that.

As for initial explanations; try buttons like the bold/italic/link/image input buttons above the text field.

It's either that, or use a legend.

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keep it simple. Provide drag and drop or insert functionality to the user. you can use simple words like insert Appointment date or time or provide a place/template where user would be able to drag and drop time and date icons on the canvas. I am attaching a sample wire-frame for reference:

enter image description here

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