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Currently, I were to implement a bar chart, to show dividend received from year 2000 till 2013 (as an example)

I was still puzzling, on whether I should go for horizontal bar chart or vertical bar chart?

enter image description here

enter image description here

My first approach is trying with vertical bar chart.

enter image description here

The year range (2000 till 2013) cannot fit into small screen width entirely. I need to have a view pager, so that user can swipe to view different year range. However, there is a shortcoming. User can only view 3 years data at one time.

I was thinking, if I can implement it as horizontal bar chart, user can view more years data at one time. But, is there any other shortcoming for horizontal bar chart?

I was wondering, is there any guideline or reading I can refer to, so that I know which type of bar chart is more suitable for my case?

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horizontal bar chart for portrait layout and vertical bar chart forlandscape layout enter image description here

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The chart should be adaptable to best fit in the limited screen size of a mobile devices. – SimonTeo Jul 25 '13 at 7:59

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