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Working as a full-time UX professional for a company, after a while you can build up many projects that should also be kept track of and watched carefully. If you think about a site as having an informational side, a registration, a free trial, web-apps, etc. it does become a long list that would ideally need to be managed.

Are there best practices/ways of managing all of the UX projects that are within a company?

One way I imagine it could work is a live spreadsheet that can manage each project individually that is encompassed inside the company.

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Would it be fair to say that this is more of a general project management question than a UX issue? It's certainly a very broad question with no real correct answer. –  Matt Obee Jun 24 '13 at 13:09
At first I debated on this question too, but if you look from a UX prospective, past projects should also have progress tracked and tested that project management does not include. Not saying there is a 1-way answer for this question, but I am sure there are other professionals who found a happy-medium with this issue. Make a little more sense? –  Kyle Mirro Jun 24 '13 at 13:13
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A few ideas, I hope you find them helpful:

  • If possible, use a Wiki tool instead of spreadsheets that sit on individual's computer, drop box, or sharepoint (I use Confluence, it is great for tying into the Agile process that the company is following)
  • If you use Confluence and JIRA together for project management, you can have the status of the Dev & Design tickets visible and automatically updated in your documentation.
  • In general, make it as accessible and visible as possible
  • Make sure that what ever you choose fits in the rest of what the company is doing.. Although, sometimes you can take new tools into use and the rest of the company will follow (happened in our company :) )
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Thanks! This was insightful, Confluence seems great, especially with Jira which we use here. I am playing around with PODIO because it is free. The only thing this is missing, is the ability to track progress, but that might be an offline process. –  Kyle Mirro Jun 25 '13 at 17:16
I used a free Wiki (MediaWiki) first, however I would not go back, Confluence has been worth investment, the main reasons being: Confluence is so much easier to use and edit, due to this, it is easy to get rest of the company in too - if they can use MsWord, they can use Confluence. Especially with less tehcnical people, that was a problem before. Then the connection to JIRA, it is super, and with all the plugins that you can get (to edit your designs on page, no need to export-import), for Gliffy and Balsamiq etc. I had a quick look at PODIO, looks interesting, has apps too. Good luck :) –  Skuirrel Jun 26 '13 at 17:58
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