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Any examples or best practices related to saving, using saved, or modifying/managing payment info would be greatly appreciated!

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Please expand on your question by adding more context and providing some more background. Right now it's hard to know specifically what you're looking for. – Rahul Apr 7 '11 at 0:25

Are you talking about an account where your credit card is stored and you can buy things and edit your info? Try Paypal, 37 Signals, e.bay, pretty much any online vendor.

Not sure what you're asking.

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This would probably be better as a comment on the question. – Rahul Apr 7 '11 at 0:25

I don't have any specific examples other than the obvious ones (ebay, amazon, etc), but in terms of best practices, refer to Fundamental Guidelines of E-Commerce Checkout Design at Smashing Magazine. In it they mention that you should avoid asking a user to fill out a separate billing address during checkout because most people just order things to be delivered at home.

My takeaway from that when applied to your question is that you should ideally try to avoid interrupting the checkout flow with questions that don't pertain directly to checking out, such as saving an address. Instead, provide a separate control panel for adding addresses, and then offer the option to choose one early on in checkout when choosing where to ship to.

Further, automatically save the first address a user fills in the first time they order something from your site, and then suggest that one the next time they come back (but this should be obvious).

Hope that helps.

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Its useful to pre-warn users that their credit card information is about to be saved

- prior to them choosing a password

so that they realise that they need to use a hard password in this situation.

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