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enter image description here

I have a question which relates to the attached image. I have a sidebar with a thumbnail image which relates to three types of items - images (mainly) - pdf's and videos.

When someone lands on a PDF, they would hit the "View" icon to open it up in a lightbox, where they can navigate through the various pages.

If an image is available in a higher resolution, then when you hit the "View" icon then you would get a lightbox with a larger image inside.

However, with a video - I put in the viewer in place of the thumbnail, so that the user could play the video straight from the item page - rather than perform the "View" action.

Is this acceptable, or for consistency should there always be a "View" action?

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Main advantage of maintaining consistency here is, reducing different operation modes user needs to be aware of (launch in place, launch in modal, etc.)

Also, you get much more control on the size of video:

  • If the embeded video size is too small, user is most likely going to go in full screen mode. May even be annoying since it screams a necessary additional action on the user's part.
  • If you launch the video in a modal, you can give it a quite reasonable screen space and reduce the necessity of going full screen.
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Perfect, thanks for that - the fact that you can view the video in a larger space is of course a great factor. – Dean Jun 19 '13 at 14:49

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