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Giving the fact that users read left to right, does SO want users to read question's stats first then question title ? if so why ? wouldn't be more pratical to read first the question's title ?

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Left to right language with left aligned starting position makes the left end even (straight). This leads to a (reading) flow when the stats are placed on the left side.

If the stats are placed on the right end, the uneven sentence lengths can lead to a quite unstructured viewing experience.

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Users don't necessarily ready left to right. In the case of SO's list of questions, the user is going to scan the titles downwards; once you fixate on a question title, you can glance to the side to view the stats.

As for whether to put the stats on the left or right, because the question text is left-aligned it makes it neater to put the stats on the left where they are a consistent short distance away.

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