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I would like to have some feedback on which is a preferable preference design. We have an enable/disable feature (Stock alert), and type of feature after enabling (Stock alert type).

So far, in 1st design, we present it in the following ways

enter image description here

enter image description here

In our 2nd design, we are having the following.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I was wondering, which is better?

For 1st design, it is

  • Good in the sense that, user required 1 step to enable/ disable a feature.
  • Bad is that, we are having 2 items in main preference screen.

For 2nd design, it is - Good in the sense that, we only have 1 item in main preference screen. - Bad is that, user required 2 steps to enable/ disable a feature.

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The first solution has two main advantages: You can easily enable/disable the function with a single click and have a more obviously visualisation of the current status. You can always notice a checkbox in less time then reading a text, even if this is a real short one.

To prevent the user from just noticing the alert type but missing that he has to enable it first, I prefer to show the alert type only when alerts are enabled.

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