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Best examples and practices of displaying different video types (series, single program, short clip, trailer etc.) on one page.

How to indicate the differences between them?

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Your question seems to me too broad, but anyways I would try to indicate difference with Tag+Color (frame color)

  • This way users may be able to associate colors with the given tag/category
  • This way the difference among the videos will be clear for both new + regular users

enter image description here

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Try using jQuery Masonry and Wordpress (or any CMS) along with some Ajax.

Here's a site I'm working on. Just click on a box to see a video... (still work in progress).

Masonry (a jQuery plugin) allows you to organize a fluid grid dynamically written by Desandro:

Here's a nice compilation of amazing examples using Masonry:

Now, just imagine your videos displayed with Masonry. ;)

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