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From doing a lot of research about standardized measurement for usability, I came across the WAMMI questionnaire which looks at a few of the factors in usability that goes into more detail than the SUS scale.

Just wondering if there are any experiences or comparisons made between the two types of measures.

Given that there hasn't be more discussion about the WAMMI questionnaire, I am wondering if people think if it offers a lot more for benchmarking user experience/usability?

You can find a description of the scale along with the actual questions (a link is provided on the page).

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For me it's a swings and roundabouts discussion. Each has some advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some pointers to some research / background that should help you decide between them:

(and if you go for SUS I would recommend using the postively worded varient since it reduces confusion and errors - see Are Both Positive And Negative Items Necessary In Questionnaires?).

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