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I've got a client with users that are going to create event pages.

These users invite people to view the events, and some of these public guests choose to donate to the event using a credit card.

My client wants to facilitate these credit card transactions without having to touch the funds.

Is there a payment platform where public guests can make credit card payments to my client's users without having to register for the actual platform? Ideally they have an API and not require an offsite process so the UX doesn't suffer.

We're currently experimenting with Dwolla for bank transactions and Stripe for credit card transactions, but Stripe is cumbersome to set up for users because its primarily for merchants.

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Paypal highly recommends but does not require a user to create full acount. If they keep using the service they will probably be confused into creating an account but for 1 time purchases they can do it...

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We've looked into Paypal but the API documentation wasn't good from what we can tell. We also implemented a working prototype, but the developer widget functionality wasn't fitting our needs. – jvspcorbust May 14 '13 at 1:39

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