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Recently I noticed a little change in the Graph Search UI. It went from this (plain):


to this (more pronounced search field):


Even though it had the same text "Type to search for people, places and things", how does making it look more like search field help ?

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Apparently it does not have the same text. Are the two images capture when the search bar is in focus? – Gildas Frémont May 12 '13 at 10:57
@GildasFrémont Actually the first one was pulled from Google Images . – Nash Vail May 12 '13 at 12:02
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I found this in a blog note. No idea if its any trustful though:

Graph Search A/B Testing

Facebook is doing some A/B testing on their Graph Search.

They are testing their Original layout, vs 2 new layouts (A & B).

A few weeks from now, we should be able to see the declared winner (if any).

enter image description here

Apparently Facebook is testing your hypothesis: Making search field look more like search field helps. Help what, that I do not know.

An interview with Rasmussen (Graph Search PO) tends to confirm it is A/B testing:

Facebook Graph Search has yet to roll out to all users, and Rasmussen writes that part of the reason for the partial rollout so far was to allow live A/B testing on real users — a process that circumvents the possibility of endless internal discussions. “Without live usage we’d just be arguing all day,” he writes.

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love this part: "a process that circumvents the possibility of endless internal discussions. “'Without live usage we’d just be arguing all day,'” – Matthew Moore May 12 '13 at 21:28

I suspect that one of the things that is being A/B testing here is whether or not users recognize that this is a search field. The magnifying glass icon is a classic bit of iconography for search. Will this element be prominent as a 'search box' without the prominence of the magnifying glass icon?

I suspect that Facebook is interested in defining their brand as the iconography for social graph searching, and thus wish to 'displace' the magnifying glass icon in the minds of users

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