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I have a application (Android) which have scroll activity form. On which there is a button for next screen (lowest of scroll). It's looking fine on large screens of android devices. But keyboard hides around 60% screen of small android screen and even not scroll after a limit so not reachable to that next screen button.

Anyone have solution specially for android small screen then please tell me.

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If it's just a screen with text on it, then there are two options that work on both a large and a small screen equally well:

  1. Navigate by swiping. Swipe left or right should related to back and forward respectively. This is a common pattern that has proven to work.

  2. Place thin transparent navigation bars on the left and right with a clickable area much larger than the actual bar (minumum 48dp, Android's measurement unit), so that a tap on the right side of the page is interpreted as next, and a tap on the left side of the page is interpreted as back.

enter image description here

There is also nothing stopping you from using both options, but I would test this with users before deciding on which one (or both) to use.

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