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We hit a snag in our project: We've only got a few weeks till launch and the designer who was to make a skin for our product has not delivered the (very) goods. I took a stab at creating a skin for the product and it has some good ideas but also some issues. I'm not fond of the typography and I attempted to add some 3-dimensionality with the buttons but it's looking tacky.

I should mention that my design philosophy is to favor a mostly flat design but not in a fetishistic way; that is, I like flat design for its simplicity but not at the expense of usability. I like the use of a third dimension to enhance the experience, but not for decoration. I.e. I'm not trying to copy Metro.

I've attached one of the more representative menus on the app. Any graphic-oriented designers in here want to weigh in on possible font choices or fixes for the tacky buttons? Suggestions in general?

enter image description here

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If you're looking for 'graphic oriented designers' I'd suggest moving this to Graphic Design rather than UX. – DA01 Apr 29 '13 at 5:13
Yes I suppose that would make sense. – JClaussFTW Apr 29 '13 at 5:14
This is really just a 'critique my website / project' question which doesn't really work on Q&A websites. There is no correct answer here and it's only really of use / interest to you and not to anyone else, so such questions aren't really encouraged here. – JonW Apr 29 '13 at 6:17

The problem with your design is, way too bold text , very dark shadows plus colors are not that awesome try FlatUI colors Moreover head over to Dribble(tag flat ui) you can find a ton of UI design inspirations there.

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