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I'm designing an interface where the user needs to rate the symmetry of 2 objects.

The ratings are:

1 means not symmetric and 5 means very symmetric.

Currently, it has a star rating. However, the star icon suggests quality, and I don't want the user to think that a symmetric pair is better an asymmetric one.

How can I allow people to rate symmetry without relying on star-ratings?

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Not to be a grammar a-hole, but isn't symmetry absolute? Either something is symmetrical or not, any degree of "almost-symmetrical" translates to non-symmetrical (?) – Shivan Dragon Aug 19 '14 at 13:14
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Try creating a set of icons - where the symmetrical icon would be a circle with a line halfway through (acting as a mirror).

Then gradually making the two sides less symmetrical, so offsetting the semi circles, and so on until you have a semi circle one side and a triangle on the other (or something that is equally not as symmetrical)

Equally if you can, I would suggest having 3 states, not symmetrical, some symmetry, and competently symmetrical. This may make it easier for users to define each state.

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Thanks! Do you know perhaps such iconsets? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel – dimid Apr 17 '13 at 15:24
Unfortunately I think you would need to create something like this as its pretty specific – MephistonX Apr 17 '13 at 15:25

Rather than a filled in series of symbols I'd suggest a scale using radio buttons or a slider which has symmetrical and one end and non symmetrical (or asymmetric) at the other. User then pick a point on that scale and only that part is marked.

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