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What would you call the UI element that allows a user to add and remove elements from a collection as the favourite / ignored tags widget on the homepage of any stack exchange site does?

enter image description here

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Well that's a combination of functional elements there, rather than one single component, but maybe this might help?: What's the official name of concept of input boxes with tags? – Roger Attrill Mar 25 '13 at 16:51

In both MooTools' and jQuery's userspace, this is called 'TextboxList', so it is very reasonable to use that name.

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I would call it a list or tag builder.

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Textboxlist seems to be the most common name, although I find the following names a bit better, clearer:

  • TagListBox
  • LabelListBox
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I see it as 2 entities, the top one being the tag list, which the current tags and the bottom one being the Tag(input) box.

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