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At the moment I am building a web application that stores a lot of data inside of tables. In each of the pages containing the tables the users have many actions; they can add, delete, or edit the data.

Right now all of my buttons for adding new data are labeled as "New", however I am starting to wonder which label would be better suited for this application. "New" or "Add"

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Although "New" is inviting, "Add" is more direct as well as inviting! – Mohit Mar 22 '13 at 3:30
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If you're adding more items into a collection of items, then the term to go with is Add.

If the action is to create something totally new that isn't part of a clear collection, then I'd go with New.

Since you have tables where you can add data (a row collection where you add rows), I would use Add for inserting new rows of data. It's quite common in tabular data.

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That is a great way to put it thank you very much. – Jason Frade Mar 21 '13 at 18:52

If you're inside a list or another group of things "Add" would be appropriate since "New" may imply an entire new group.

But if your adding a new group of things "New " would be better.

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I think Add would be a better option because it implies that you're adding something to an already existing element, in this example a table. If you are creating a new table however, New would suit it better.

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