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Most websites allow you to both search and browse the site. However, on some sites, such as eBay and, browsing eventually leads you to a search results screen with an empty search box. Is this desireable? Should 'search' and 'browse' be the same thing? Personally, I find it much easier on product-based sites, for example, to browse by slowly filtering down all the results (e.g. "all products" > "bikes" > "mountain bikes" > "mens' mountain bikes" etc.)

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Users, how ever mysterious they may be, use the both techniques to find what thay need. It's an ongoing iteration of serach > browse > search > browse technique. So I would say they are very much unified in the concept of finding information which is the whole purpose of search/browse in the first place.

enter image description here

Peter Morville described this pattern in his infamous book IA for the WWW and the more recent book Search Patterns. As an IA myself I recomend both these books, since they are a good reference to the world of IA and the users consuming IA every day.

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