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Mouse Hovering over a particular tweet on the feed will show these links - / Reply , Retweet , Fav , More / - These links are prominent enough and clean.

I dont understand the reason for (re)confirming the retweet action, by a Retweet dialog.

In case of Touch devices, On click takes us to a screen with that tweet and action elements.

Is this a good experience for the user ?? What is the UX Strategy behind this ??

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It's simply a "dangerous" action; accidentally retweeting things could potentially send unintended messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients, even if the action is reversible. Additionally retweeting can often be seen as endorsing the opinion/statement in the retweeted tweet.

Note that the "favorite" button doesn't require a confirmation; favorites aren't broadcast nearly as publicly (pretty much only you and the author of the favorited tweet is likely to see it), so it's okay to leave it as a single-press, reversible action.

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Will "Don't show this again" checkbox help ?? – Dhileep Feb 18 '13 at 23:01
Thanx for ans. But still isnt it a bad UX. Cant this be considered that a tweep will know the value of RT – Dhileep Feb 18 '13 at 23:13
Agree, it should have the extra "are you sure" step for an action as significant as retweet. Perhaps some people would think it is not significant enough to require the extra step, but I would wager most people do. – obelia Feb 18 '13 at 23:15

Sometimes at using Facebook in my smartphone, when I scroll the screen accidentally click "Like" of photos or messages that I don't wanna...

Maybe Twitter is in the correct.

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