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Your tasks include concept, visual design and the HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript implementation of complex screen interfaces. We are looking for creativity with a keen sense for aesthetics and graphical innovation...

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I would call this kind of position a "Web Designer". From my research looking for UX positions, I've come to expect this ontology:

  • Visual Designer = visual design without implementation
  • UI Designer = Visual Designer
  • UX/UI Designer = Visual Designer
  • UX Designer = experience design and research with or without visual design
  • Interaction Designer = experience design and research without visual design
  • Interactive Designer = (I honestly haven't seen a consistent use of this title)
  • Web Designer = visual design with implementation
  • Front-end Developer = implementation only
  • UX Developer = Front-end Developer
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I'd say you're describing a hybrid of:

Interactive designer/Front end developer

Somebody to create wireframes (eg: Basamiq), designs (eg: Photoshop) and then create front end templates (HTML/CSS/JS).

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You are looking for a combination web designer and web presentation layer developer. They exist, though often you'll have that as two separate roles.

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