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Its weird how some coach companies charge lets say a $1.00 booking fee when a customer tries to book a ticket. What is interesting is that they might say that they are offering you a convenient service whereas the bottom reality nowadays is that if a business does not have an e-commerce platform with different services available in place, it is not defined as a business anymore.

Everything is online (purchasing, bill payments, money transfer, etc.) so I do not understand why they are charging such a fee.

They can charge me if I can pick up a ticket at the coach stop and the online booking would be an alternative, but I can't. In all ways they are already benefiting from the online purchasing method since its the only way to get a coach ticket, so again why are they charging such a fee? Just wanted to share an experience and would like to read your opinions.

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There isn't a question here, it's just a rant disguised as a question about how you don't like booking fees. – JonW Feb 6 '13 at 13:56

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