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I am building a social community via an IOS and Android app, both apps are using "Post to friend wall" to invite friends to use with a direct link for the landing page of the app to download it.

However, as I've read recently from facebook, they will stop allowing applications to post on friends' walls; therefore, I wonder if there is a better experience to deliver invitations on facebook for users' friends.

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If you have to use Facebook for communication, I think the best way would be to use private messages, which has a supported API since last year (2012). For reference, look at the answer to the question Send private messages to friends.

But using Facebook as invitation channel for other apps is maybe not the best approach, since there are a lot of Facebook users who doesn't monitor there messages on a daily basis. Since where on mobile devices, SMS would be the preferred way of communication. If cost is an issue - e-mail would be the choice.

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On the Android platform, adding SMS support causes scary warnings during App install/download (because malicious applications can send text messages to pay services). So, I recommend against adding SMS support to an application. However, if your application already requires SMS support, SMS may be a good approach. – Brian Jan 9 '13 at 19:50

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