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My team and I for the past few months have been developing a social network from scratch. Its been going pretty well and should be finished soon. We doing research on other social networks and saw that they each had their own symbol that made them unique (ex. Google+ has "+", Twitter has "@ and #"). We were wondering what kind of symbol should we use to make our site unique?

Thanks. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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You basically want us to provide a brand for your product. Appropriateness notwithstanding, we know nothing about it. –  Vitaly Mijiritsky Dec 15 '12 at 20:00
Is there any concrete question related to user experience or interfaces here? –  kontur Dec 15 '12 at 20:23
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This is really a marketing and design issue, but first I'd try to make an exhaustive list of current social symbols, present them to an experienced icon/symbol designer and say "make us something different from all these". You'd probably want a lawyer involved to avoid trademark infringement and establish the symbol you decide upon as your trademark.

In the mean time you'd probably want a placeholder symbol to proceed with development, but everyone working with the placeholder symbol should fully understand that it's just a placeholder.

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