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JqueryUI seems to have a new site design. They seem to have opted for unusual icon for their search box.

New search icon on JqueryUI page

Viewing the source yeilds:

/* Font Awesome uses the Unicode Private Use Area (PUA) to ensure screen readers do not read off random characters that represent icons */ .icon-glass:before { content: "\f000"; } .icon-music:before { content: "\f001"; } .icon-search:before { content: "\f002"; }

Looking closer at the font file it does seem a little bizarre.

The letter O seems a little malformed

Any idea what they are trying to do?

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It appears that the icon they're referencing with content: "\f002" is intended to be a normal magnifying glass, per the FontAwesome docs:

The FontAwesome site shows a blank spot in the WOFF file that loads:

fontawesome-webfont.woff from

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