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I am interested in finding out about resources related to website usability and UX. Also, if the resources contain examples, that would be great.

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A quick list of some of my standard resources. There are many more out there:

For questions and answers on UX, there's this very site:

Of different intent, but a valuable resource is the IXD site:

An interesting list with examples of common UX errors and how to solve them:

A somewhat overwhelming list of links on UI design:

And don't go too far without at least looking at Nielsen: After all these years the guy still prompts more arguments than almost everyone else combined, which is a good thing.

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Thanks a lot. Thee were pretty helpful. :) – Vergil Penkov Nov 24 '10 at 22:48

Well, user experience design is a very broad topic, but here are some places to start -

Aw heck, here's my super huge list on Delicious -

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