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For websites, usertesting and trymyui and others are setup to do quick user testing. Are there similar services for mobile applications?

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Surely a quick Google search will tell you this... – tim.baker Apr 2 '14 at 1:18

Mob4Hire is an online community of mobile device users paid to help application developers, advertisers, and content publishers with research, develop and pre-test anything mobile.

Hope this helps.

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UserTesting now does testing for mobile apps: They send their testers a webcam to provide an overhead view of their device. The disadvantage is that the device has to be flat on a table, or close to it, so you might not see users interact with their devices in quite the same way as they might in real life.

Here's a Nielsen Norman Group article (2013) about mobile testing techniques if you want to do these studies on your own without a service like UserTesting:

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