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I'm having to make the page as it was in the initial state, and this includes having a form reset link or button.

Should the reset be a button or a link?

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See I'm not clear why a reset function specifically matters. – Michael Zuschlag Aug 31 '12 at 15:12
@MichaelZuschlag it's a bit different; that question is generally correct but it's often the case in web apps that making an uncommon/dangerous secondary action a link to reduce emphasis and accidental clicking – Ben Brocka Aug 31 '12 at 20:09

Do you really need a reset option? Is it deleting a draft or just restarting a form? Reset form buttons are pretty universally useless and famous for their frustrating consequences when you press them on accident. See Reset/Cancel buttons considered harmful.

If you do include one (once again, really make sure it's an important feature) absolutely make it a link and generally try to reduce it's visual weight. See The visual weight of primary and secondary action buttons. Rarely used and dangerous controls, if included, should not appear to be the "default" action and should take a little extra effort to find and activate.

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See also this Luke W classic: – Mark D Aug 31 '12 at 18:20

The question here isn't really clear without context, however I would encourage you to carry the same style throughout the entire CRM System.

If it were a button to continue I would always encourage buttons over link. Buttons can be styles to give a 3D effect of a physical button which can be pressed (and shadows changed) to encourage the user to "push" the button - however for a reset you don't want to encourage a reset unless the user NEEDS to - in that case they will go looking.

The advatage of a button on the other hand is user familiarity. A link should usually be a hyperlink to another place, as we've come to expect, and a button should run a command (Submit, Save, Reset, Delete)

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