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The site I'm making - and as a lot others do - has a unique homepage, which is more like an index to the site than a part of it; imagine an exclusive (and loud) layout scheme, elements, content, all of which further links to the content part on my site.

Since the homepage makes itself so evident, is there a need to sacrifice pixels and visual flow for a strip of breadcrumb that is only gonna say "Home"?

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There is a similar question on breadcrumbs for homepage here although that question is whether or not to link to the Home from the breadcrumb rather than whether it should even be present on the homepage at all. – JonW Aug 13 '12 at 12:53
Web Usability Blog recommends against including a breadcrumb on the homepage. – Brian Aug 13 '12 at 17:14
A breadcrumb serves no purpose on the home page. – DA01 Aug 13 '12 at 17:43

I would tend to mostly agree with most who have already commented on your question in that breadcrumbs serve no purpose on the homepage.

Besides the resource already mentioned by @Brian above, includes a relevant point:

Front page breadcrumbs are often a mistake because it only contains "Home" - it is not even linked. Your visitors will most likely be confused about this single word, and not get the idea before they visit a sub page.

Breadcrumbs are a trail back to the homepage, and since you're already there (and you've mentioned it's obvious where you are), it would just be another redundant link to the same page -- taking up unnecessary space.

Note: The one case you could possibly argue for (although not a very good point) is that all sub-pages may have breadcrumbs and thus the layout could be considered inconsistent by not having the same bar on the homepage.

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