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I need to show a list of items - some thing like browse all the records on the web and mobile.

Basically its a list of startups and information about the same.

this is a basic version i have come up with

On Mobile i want to display information in a more compact way which is the best way to do that ?

Right now i am using Tables. Should we have a seperate block of HTML to display the list or can we modify the same for the mobile view too ?

I like this list for the mobile.

enter image description here

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Yeah, it seems, list drilldown is the appropriate pattern.

Quoting Tidwell's book:


You have a list of items to show. Each item has interesting content associated with it, such as the text of an email message, a long article, a full-size image, or details about a file’s size or date.

You have very little space to work with—not enough for a Two-Panel Selector or a List Inlay. For instance, the design might be intended for a very small mobile screen, or for a self-contained web page sidebar or widget.

Suggested Solution:

Show a list or menu of items in a single window. When the user selects an item from the list, show the details or contents of that item in the window, replacing the list.

However, it depends wether all of the information is needed there to "accept" a startup. If the decision could be made with much fewer elements, consider putting the Accept button in the list as well (perhaps, to avoid misclicks with a confirmation solution like what you have in AppStore: single changes button to a confirm button, second click accepts) as well as a big Accept button on the detail page.

Don't forget, that Android has built-in back capability, whilst iOS needs an explicit back button, usually located at the top bar next to the title.

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