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Possible Duplicate:
Optimum number of choices for menus/navigation

If on a site, a user needs to put their post into a particular category before they submit, how many choices is too many? What would be the maximum cap before it got confusing?

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You may want to checkout this question:… – Dan Michael Apr 26 '12 at 18:50
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Avoid scrolling. That's the only hard rule... if the user can't see some of the choices they may not know it is possible. This is also important because scrolling a drop down works differently on various platforms, and often works very poorly. The drop down list should never be taller than a single screen if you can avoid it.

But this is not always possible... a common use case that violates this is selecting your State on a form. When possible, encourage users to select by typing... the javascript tool chosen is a nifty improvement on drop down usability with very little downsides. It degrades cleanly if they have Javascript disabled, and requires no server side support.

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