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I was asked today if we could create an user experience roadmap for the application we are designing. I am a little confused about that since I have never really heard of the term user experience roadmap and I suspect its the same as a product roadmap but I am pretty sure there are some differences.

Any inputs on what would go into such a roadmap and how it would differ from a product roadmap would be great.

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I would bet that it is the same as a product roadmap, but for UX activities -- and that can be a really good thing -- but before answering that way, do you know if the term "product roadmap" is used in your organization as a synonym for "general plan for development" like @DA01 describes, or one significantly more detailed? –  jcmeloni Mar 20 '12 at 13:57
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FWIW, I despise roadmaps. From my experience, they seem to consist of:

  • we will design this part now
  • this part later
  • then this part then

And if it's coming strictly from UX, it really doesn't make sense in a broader team POV.

Instead, I'd like to see a list of must-have priorities, followed by nice-to-have, and then maybe we'll do these if we have time...

So, all that said, I don't think it matters what we think the specifics of a road map are, but rather what your team(s) need/want.

If this is a development team and they're asking for guidance as to what to work on first, I'd suggest that's not the best way to go about it.

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