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We're having internal arguments about how to label buttons with actions. Other folks in the internet teams, who aren't necessarily User-Focused, demanding that 'Action' buttons to simply read "click here". Has anyone come across good articles / best practices for button naming? Need ammo for proving that users are more likely to click on buttons that indicate where that click will take them, i.e. "Contact Us Online".

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Are you looking for the same info as this question or are you more specifically looking for how to name certain types of buttons? – Ben Brocka Mar 19 '12 at 14:57
Perfect, thanks Ben! – Ashlie Mar 19 '12 at 15:39
So does that answer your question? Should I close this question as a duplicate of the linked question, or do you have something more specific to ask? – Ben Brocka Mar 20 '12 at 19:07

What's the context of those buttons? In my mind, it makes even less sense to use 'Click here' as the text of a button that it does for a link because at least a link will normally be in context (i.e. "To find out more about XYZ, click here") whilst a button will almost always be a standalone object, to be clicked on. I can't imagine how a button can possibly have the words 'Click here' on it.

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Yeah, the AFFORDANCE of the object should tell you WHAT you can DO with it. And from a copywriting standpoint, you want to provide a BENEFIT to get them to click. ( "Learn more" will beat "click here" every day of the week). – Clay Nichols May 1 '15 at 21:24

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