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I'm working on a new shopping site and i see a possible minor improvement.

We have a typical search form on top left, with dropdown for categories and input field.

I think maybe it's better if we switch the input text for the dropdown.

If you can help me explain the improvement (if there is any)... I think when we seek for the search form, it will be better to have right there the input and then the dropdown.

Here's the current form:

enter image description here

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Interestingly Amazon and newegg do this with the dropdown first, ebay and others do it on the right. I'm not seeing a clear trend either way. As long as they don't have to interact with the drop down I bet users' eyes often just zip straight to the input field – Ben Brocka Feb 3 '12 at 15:51

It's hard to say which positioning is the right one. As you can see from the examples below, there's no uniformity among US online retailers.

Do an A/B test measuring how many people use the initial department filter and what they do after (apply more filters or start browsing the results & adding them to carts). Then you'll know what works best for your customers.

Amazon (new white theme)
amazon search filter search filter

Kmart kmart search filter

newegg search filter

walmart search filter

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