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I am looking for a certificate/diploma course in UX/UI development. Basically, I think I am good in design as well as programming. Right now I have a job as an Interactive Developer and I get to work with javascript/jquery often but I feel if I had some sort of certificate, I'd be given more javascript intensive work or more programming intensive work.

Right now, I am more of the html-css-guy than the javascript-jquery-php-tech guy. I feel a degree/certificate/diploma may get me a job through which I can improve my skills further.

I was looking for some course/diploma in and around california. If people can help me :)

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"...if I had some sort of certificate, I'd be given more javascript intensive work or more programming intensive work."

It sounds like you're looking more for positions primarily involving programming. You're more likely to get more JavaScript intensive work with a programming related degree (e.g., computer science) based on jobs I've seen - especially if you're looking at developing web applications.

Organizations requiring advanced JS work tend to hire multiple developers and a UX designer or two. Both fields require significant study and experience to become proficient. Since proficiency's productivity boost can be exponential (especially in developers' case), hiring specialists in each role, then putting them on the same team, can be more cost effective than hiring two generalists who can do both.

If you want to do advanced work in either development or UX, specialize and really dive into it. Keeping the other as a minimal hobby can be beneficial, as jobs will often include minimal knowledge of the other role as a nice to have, not a requirement.

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Get involved with any number of usability and human factors associations, go to some day-long workshops, and get some certifications.

and i'm sure being in CA, there are plenty of college-level offerings in UX/IA/UCD stuff.

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I work for the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus and both our under graduate and graduate programs have strong focus on user experience. Our graduate program is a Master's in Digital Experience Innovation. You can read more about us here

If you are looking for a more technical program you would look for a Human Computer Interactions specialization in a Computer Science program, or a specialization in Cultural Anthropology with a Master of Arts degree.

*This is all based on the way Canadian colleges/universities operate.

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