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I am very interested in user interface design and improving the user's experience. Therefore, I am thinking of moving my career in the direction of usability. I would like to try to teach myself as much as I can about usability. I've already read the classic "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug, and I'm wondering what other resources are out there.

What books/ websites/ blogs/ etc. would you recommend?

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"Don't Make Me Think" is a great place to start. For further reading I suggest you take a look at Must-read User Interface Book?

I would also recommend you think beyond books and blogs, and find inspiration in everyday design to drive your motivation: Sources of UX inspiration

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Books that transformed my world:

For seminal articles on web page design, you must run, not walk, to Jakob Nielsen's Alert Box columns

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As Antony have mentioned, your question has already been asked and answered.

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