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I want to design this Project Management/Time Tracking application. In this application you can add a company and then each company has x number of employees, each employee can add time(hours/day/week) to track his number of hours in a month. You can also view the progress of a project and such things... What makes a great Time Tracking/Project Management app?

There are several apps like this out there, the best of which I know :

Please provide examples of such apps, and highlight what you like/don't like about them.

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You'll have to be much more specific than "what do you like about apps?". I suggest you do some research of your own first and then come back and try to ask a directed question that we can actually solve rather than just give opinions on. Try breaking the problem down into multiple questions if necessary. – Rahul Jan 8 '12 at 0:46

If you've ever been to an Apple Store, you may have seen some of the employees there flipping there fingers through there iPads. Now, if you've ever looked at what they were doing, you may have seen them flipping through schedules, looking to see who has scheduled an appointment.

Why did I just say that? Their schedules are extremely user-friendly. You need to design any app really, like you need every task to be done within 30-60 seconds (if possible). They can tell you whatever you need to know about your appointment on the spot. That's what you want...

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