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I show a UIPickerView with a list of options:

  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Greetings,
  • Shopping

When selecting any of the above options, will show another UIPickerView with options like (if we have selected greetings):

  • Hi,
  • Hello,
  • Good morning.

When selecting any of that, will show another picker with options like:

  • Hi dear,
  • Hi, how are you,
  • Hi, how are you doing

Now when selecting any of that, needs to be placed on a text view. The functionality is supposed to behave like templates to choose from.

I feel there is something odd in this, but cannot pinpoint it. Is there a better pattern?

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Instead of pickers, you should probably use table views with disclosure indicators (>), as seen in the Settings app. Per the iOS Human Interface Guidelines:

The plain table style is well-suited to display a hierarchy of information. Each list item can lead to a different subset of information displayed in another list. Users follow a path through the hierarchy by selecting one item in each successive list. The disclosure indicator tells users that tapping anywhere in the row reveals the subset of information in a new list.

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