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I have been doing a fair amount of research on Self-Service Technology (SST or kiosks) UX best-practices within a retail environment and how people behave within that context.

I would like to expand my knowledge within this field.

  • So could you help me with any good articles or research papers that you have read which have good value?
    • eg. ethnographic studies, mobile-in-retail research, cognitive psych for retail/kiosks.

(Try to summarize the sources you link to so that people who look at this after would be able to see what they want to read at-a-glance of your answer.)

UXSE questions from before that I am reading:

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Have you looked at some of the research papers at

There are some interesting articles there and though they might be not specific to what you are looking from a retail perspective ,they do provide insights into the cognitive aspect of kiosk specific design and how that influences interactions

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Thanks that is really helpful. – JeroenEijkhof Nov 29 '11 at 19:23

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