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I have a form for modifying songs in which you can add/remove links to artists with a special text field having tokenInput capability for auto-completion. This field looks like this: tokenInput enabled field for associating artists to a specific song

Of course, the final version will not say Artist wiki links text, don't worry about that. My problem is that I want the user to be able to add descriptions to the relation between the song and the artists. So, for example, McCartney, Paul is a composer and a bass-player on that song, and Lennon, John is an author and guitar-player. Furthermore, these descriptions also need an auto-complete feature...

So the question is: How can I provide this to the user in a lean and intuitive way?

P.S If anyone can think of a better title for this question, I'm very much interested because I don't think my title is very good right now...

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I would try to separate these actions to lower user's confusion. Having to many cascaded dropdowns (and in general, any depending on each other elements) is always complicated to maintain from Ux prospective.

Hence, if you allow user to select the artists first in whichever way you prefer, then degroup that selection (within a new section on the page) and allow the editions for each of them in a list box manner (with tokenInput solution for each, actions to delete items and callback with notification to remove items from original selection if it was removed in a new one) - this will simplify the layout, I believe

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