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I have a site where I

am thinking about putting an ajax "click for more results" similar to twitter, etc. But each of my results is displayed with A, B, C next to the result. I'm wondering what I should do when user click for more results. Should I keep going and just go all the way to AAB, AAC, AAD or should I restart the ordering and go A, B, C again? Which would be easier for the user?

I hope this question is clear. Thanks for any help.

edit: so what I mean is like this: (these are like what the listings would be)

A. This is listing 1

B. This is listing 2.

C. This is listing 3

D. This is listing 4.

On the "click for more" it could either restart the

A. This is listing 1

B. This is listing 2.

C. This is listing 3

D. This is listing 4.

or it could keep going until it was like

Aa. This is listing 27

Ab. This is listing 28.

Ac. This is listing 29

Ad. This is listing 30.

To give you more information on why I need these references, let me explain. I have a business directory. The reason I have need for these letters on the side is that I also have a map with icons that match to each of the listings.

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Could you clarify the question? – mustefa Nov 7 '11 at 6:06
I don't understand what you mean by A, B, C, AAB, AAC, and AAD. Could you please explain further? This may very well be an interesting question but I doublt you will get good answers since the question is totally unclear. – Bart Gijssens Nov 7 '11 at 6:51
A wireframe or sketch would be great. This is some sort of recursive display of similar items, with a second pane showing related items to the first item? – Ben Brocka Nov 7 '11 at 12:11
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If this is something you really need to do then try combining page number and result. Using multiple letters AAC, etc, is not a good system and just serves to confuse.











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A,B,C... is just not well suited for infinitely long lists.

1,2,3... isn't much use either for alignment reasons.

My question is: how useful is it to give each result a reference?

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Try this thread. A question I asked a while back. I think it ight be useful to you.

How to combine search results from multiple sources onto the same results page

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