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I am working on building a site which has two steps as the basis for the main functionality of the site:

  • Asking a question
  • Creating a new page

Before they can ask a question or create a new page they need to go through the process of locating the place on a map.

On the landing page how should I highlight the two options to avoid confusion?

I currently see three options:

Option 1

Click here to create a new page

Click here to ask a question

Option 2

Search for a location to begin creating a new page

Search for a location to begin asking a question

Option 3

Or would it be better to just have a single option like this:

Search for a location to begin a new page or to ask a question

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Option 1 sounds good if the user's mental model have those two tasks clearly defined.

Option 3 would be better if the user wouldn't necessarily know for sure which they want to do.

Option 2 I wouldn't recommend .. the user doesn't need to a priori know the actual mechanics of the task to decide which option to choose - simply ask them for the location as step 1.

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