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enter image description here

I'm making a design for a client. This is the first time I design for a search engine.

I would like to know if the elements in the design below are easy to scan (are the important ones properly focused)?

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My Chinese is little rusty, so i can't tell if you are emphasizing the important elements. – Emil Sep 17 '11 at 9:51
  • On what basis are the results sorted? I think you need to highlight that. I know it's usually by search term relevance, but since price and some other info is mentioned, it may be a good idea to confirm.

  • If you expect the users search for something generic like 'BBQ' then there needs to be a way for them to sort the results. Maybe give users options to sort by price or distance.

  • 'find' can be replaced by 'Search Places' to give a more accurate purpose. Unless ofcourse you can search for other things as well.

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  • I can't tell which ones that are important. Might be a language issue?
  • Are all prices red (=low)? If not could they be put into any context? If so you could use different colors on the map markers?
  • I suppose that you will highlight the marker on the map as you hover its name in the listing?
  • You could try using clusters? Not sure how that might affect hovering and highlighting though. Demo 1 / Demo 2


  • The search icon in the search box is redundant as the find button is next to it.
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