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I have login page with two input boxes, one for username and one for password. On the left of these input boxes, I want to put descriptive icons.

I think the profile of a bust, and a key, would be appropriate icons for username and password respectively. What do you think?

Also, how do I find such icons? I need both icons to match in style, and to be distributed a license which allows commercial reuse.

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Are there any text labels as well? – Oskar Duveborn Sep 11 '11 at 17:37
Yeah, there are placeholder labels that disappear upon focus. – Randomblue Sep 11 '11 at 18:05
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A bust and a lock are some of the most used icons for this purpose... Here's an example from LinguaLift:

enter image description here

Obviously, it is ideal to design your own icons or hire someone to design them for you, but there is also a great number of free icons collections which can be used with appropriate attribution.

The most famous and commonly used icon-set is Silk by FAMFAMFAM, but there's also the Tango project and a number of others which you can find using the Iconfinder.

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Your icons are what is usually used in this context (a password is also often represented with a lock), but you should only use them in addition to labels, they can't replace the labels altogether.

To find them, you can use websites such as iconfinder, where you can filter results by license. A bunch of similar resources are reviewed here.

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Do icons make it clearer to your users than using text labels? If not, I would suggest going for what is more usable rather than for what looks better.

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