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I use iPhone contacts as an example but you see it everywhere.

The sort of list I'm talking about is where the group header (e.g. in the contacts example "S" ) docks to the top of the list while you scroll through all the S's then gets pushed off the top of the list as you get to the T group header which in turns docks to the top of the screen.

Is this just a fancy grouped list?

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Look at the developer documentation of apple: The groups are called sections, and they are used within a plain table.

So to use Apple developer language I would say it's a plain table view with indexed sections. Not a very nice name, but a precise one :-)

Source: (page 14)

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I sort of guessed there wouldn't be specific name. Thanks. – Simon Hutton Aug 18 '11 at 13:25

"Indexed list" is what I've heard used.

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